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Well, things have changed around here.. Did facebook and twitter kill LJ??

I can see a few of you still banging about..

Anyway, twas just a quicky, and the only way I know to say it, as I have lost his address...

I know I am not flavour of the month, year, decade, but wanted to say Happy Birthday anyway..

yearly bonfire is back

The night of the 7th November - the fireworks party is back on. a years break, back due to popular demand, and the kind donations of those who love the number of bangs per square metre only a briar lodge party can achive! food and drink related questions to the cheff, bang related questions to me. Dog and child freindly. ALL welcomed.. but do let us have an idea as soon as you can., so we can plan food, etc...

80's night

Just back from an 80's disco..

I did the whole miami vice thing, the wee one, di the floresent thing, tights, and leg warmers, tshirt cut to fuck, over a bright top.. and LOADS of red blush on her face!!

i funny sight!!

atleast half way through the night, when i took the jacket and the holser off, white jeans and a bright blue top, could have passed for modern day!!

Puppy was glad to see us back tho..

Compost heap

Today I have dug over the compost heap..

well, its harder than that..

We took heap 1 and halfed its size on the floor, by making it taller.

we then moved heap 2 into the gap left from half of heap 1, and takesd up half of where heap 2 was, which is now heap 2.5. and finaly created a new heap 3 in the gap left behind from moving heap 2.

quite suprised what one finds under a compost heap..

well, under half of heap 1, and under heap 2, which is guess is now the middle of heap 2.5..

you still following...

finaly some complex code

As some of you may know, I have been coding for a year..

very boring stabdard weasy code.. adding users to database, listing items for a search, changing password screens etc.. the basics all sites need..

I am now starting to do the cool stuff.. getting results to be auto biased by the results similar searches have yeilded, and what users then clicked on.. filtering out items based on the types of things we know you like..

but I do know, the sooner i get funding to hire a real developer, the better.. I don't enjoy it as a day job anymore..

35 years and I am trying facial hair

My experiment is working..

I have hair on my face.. and it actualy seems to suit me! although some comments have been, I look like some kinda of ozy backpacker, I look like a mexican, and I definatly look older..
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